Beacon Based Application


Beacon Based Applications

Customized Beacon Solutions for your IOT needs

With Internet of Things swiftly advancing, there are many products coming up that combine the potential possessed by cutting-edge hardware and high-speed internet. With advanced technologies such as beacon, iBeacon, and BLE (Bluetooth low energy), it has become much simpler to develop customized solutions for IOT based businesses. At codebrik, interact with experts who guide you towards that perfect product!

Beacon Based Applications

Beacons are small, low cost, pieces of hardware that can be easily placed anywhere. They are usually run on battery, and provide low energy Bluetooth connections to provide instant communication between a mobile application and the device, which enhance your customer’s location and proximity experience.


Beacons open up a lot of doors to boost sales and understanding the behaviour of customers. This little device helps people find better deals at the retailer’s store which makes for an incentive to the customers to not shop just online. Collaborate with the experts at codebrik and enhance your direct communication with customers, deliver a handcrafted customer experience, and broaden your marketing efforts!


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