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Web Design and Development

A website is usually the first digital point of contact between a company and its potential customer. It is crucial that a consumer is attracted to the client in this first interaction itself. At codebrik, we make sure that the first impression your website creates is perfect.

Hybird Application Development

Hybrid applications are a great way to combine the power of both, web and native applications. The experts at codebrik have acquired significant experience for developing native as well as web applications. If you are looking to leverage the most on offer through Hybrid Application

E-Commerce Development

With the number of customers carrying out online shopping exceeding over 100 million in India alone, the massive potential that eCommerce possesses should not be underestimated. At codebrik, we strongly believe that organizations must leverage the fullest potential of advanced technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Android Application Development

According to a research that was recently carried out, the expected number of Android Users are expected to cross a whopping 5 Billion in 2019. For any business to expand its offerings while transcending geographical barriers, it is important that they build a robust Android Application.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack is an open source JavaScript Software Development Stack which, owing to its ability to build powerful and dynamic web applications, is emerging to be one of the fastest growing trends. MEAN stands for four modules namely: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Each module is laden with distinct powers that contribute towards a robust Web Applications that accommodate all your business requirements

iOS Application Development

With the expertise at disposal for codebrik, we ensure an advantage to our customers in the Apple ecosystem through high-end mobile application solutions for successfully carrying out business among iPhone users. Team codebrik will couple your valuable inputs with the impeccable knowledge they have acquired over the years to give you a strong competitive advantage.

React JS Development

ReactJS is one of the most trending technologies when it comes to lightning fast frontend development. Introduced by developers at Facebook and Instagram, this open source technology is reinventing the way frontend is presented. Laden with several features instrumental for a website that befits your organization, ReactJS is the new big thing and we, at codebrik, guide you for the best solutions.

ReactNative Application Development

React Native is an up and coming technology developed by Facebook, aimed at creating gold standard frameworks for mobile applications. Our talented pool of resources at codebrik enable you to make the most of this latest technology to give your mobile application the makeover it needs for a distinct competitive advantage.

Chatbot Development

As technology gets more and more sophisticated, we are heading towards an age where people are leveraging it to be in touch with organizations. According to a research, nearly 64% people expect that their requests are responded to immediately. Minimizing human interventions and increasing automation is a sure-shot way to achieve that.

Beacon based Application

With Internet of Things swiftly advancing, there are many products coming up that combine the potential possessed by cutting-edge hardware and high-speed internet. With advanced technologies such as beacon, iBeacon, and BLE (Bluetooth low energy), it has become much simpler to develop customized solutions for IOT based businesses. At codebrik, interact with experts who guide you towards that perfect product!

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