Project Development Approach

We at Codebrik follow the unique process at the time of website development to give customers the exact type of services they desire to get from us.


Project Development Approach

An approach and methodology for project management refers to the way in which the management of a project is carried out.

Each team in our Codebrik will have a separate checklist, so all the works will be closely monitored and tested before delivering the application or new website to the customers. No matter whether it is website development or mobile application development services, quality delivery is our prime goal so we never make a compromise in our unit at the time of development and deployment.


When you approach us to start the project, we will schedule a call or online meeting with you to get your complete requirements. As we are having the expert developers with years of experience in hand, they will understand your exact demand and communicate with you in a customer-friendly way. We deliver what we promise you before the mentioned deadline.

Project Development Approach

1) Requirement Gathering

Before starting the website and application development works, our panel of experts will plan a meeting and talk with the customers in a detailed way. In this meeting, all the requirements will be collected from the customer’s side by our experts. After gathering all the information from the business client, we will prepare a separate sheet with the customer’s name and details for better tracking. All the requirements will be listed one by one in the sheet to cross-check in the later stages. Before leaving the meeting, our team will confirm all the requirements with the client to ensure everything is noted in the proper way.


2) Requirement Analysis

To carry over the website development works in a smooth way, analyzing the shared requirements is very necessary. With the help of our services panel, we do complete analysis in a quick time. If all the shared requirements are possible to implement in the new website or application, we will report back to the customers about the possibility of making it. We will either through the phone call or email or ticketing system to let them know we are ready for the development and deployment process. If the shared requirements need modification, our experts will quickly inform the clients and modify it at the earliest.


3) Freezing Requirement (Documentation)

After completing the analysis process, we will freeze the requirements collecting procedures immediately to avoid confusion in the early stage. Our content writing team will give customers the complete work details in the form of documentation to let the client know what we are going to do for your business website development and mobile application development. When we report the work details, the quoted amount for the complete work will be attached in the email for approval. Once the client agrees to start the work, our services team will prioritize the work and gets it done on time.


4) Mockup/Prototype – Design

Before starting the website development process, with the complete requirement in hand, our panel of experts will first create a Prototype Design for your project. This Mockup design is made from our end to get the approval for the website design. In case if the client requires modification, our website development team will implement the change and get the approval for the making. The real website development process will start after getting approval for the Mockup/Prototype – Design. We never implement any design without getting the proper approval from the client-side, and that is why we remain one of the best teams in the current day.


5) Development

We do the development process initially in our local server.  The customer’s requirement will get checked completely before starting the development process, and the project manager will start the initiation by assigning the experienced developers for the client’s website development requirements. All the works will be scheduled and monitored closely by the senior head to ensure fast delivery. If found any problem, the issue will be addressed immediately and gets fixed within minutes. Our developers will work without making any delay throughout the project, and do all the complicated tasks on time. After completing the development works in our local server, the website will be forwarded to the quality check team for the testing.


6) Testing

After completing any development process, the developed website will be generally found with one or a few problems. These issues cannot be noted using the automated testing system, so we do manual testing to give the error-free website and application for the business client. We arrange the quality testers for effective testing in each of our client’s projects and report back the notes issues towards the development panel. All the addressed issues will get fixed by the developers on the go, and the website will get tested again before making the delivery to the customer on the mentioned date.


7) Deployment

Every customer will use their business website on their desired server, so we know it is necessary to do the deployment works from our end. After clearing the quality check process, the development works done on the test server will be deployed on the customer server. After deploying the changes on the customer’s server, we will again do the testing from our end to ensure the developed website is having no issues on the customer’s server too. Even if the customer needs any modifications in the later stage for the deployed website, we will do it at an affordable cost.


8) Maintenance & Support

In the future, if customers approach us for more development or customization works on their business website, our panel of experts will take from where they left off last time. Our team will take care of entire maintenance services, so a business client does not need to spend more time in their website development works. If an existing customer faces any problem in the future, we give quality support for them to overcome the problem within 3-5 working days. We will have all the previous conversations in our hands, so the client will get transparent support from our side too. Also, we give maintenance services for the website which is built by the third-party service provider at the best price.

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