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AR/VR Who can predict the future

Augmented/Virtual Reality Who can predict the future?

Augmented and virtual reality both are treading topics for now. Although it isn’t clear to everyone that how it can be used to better our lives but it is still uncertain to lot of people. The next generation technology will need multi-specialization in both Digital and physical. Amazon Go-a cashier-less store, is a great example of what designing the future looks and feels like. They designed a shopping experience where anyone can enter the store, browse, shop, and leave with their products in hand, friction-free

Amazon go


AR- Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is new age of technology and innovation. Increased Reality is a one of a kind open door for the Designer to make an application utilizing picture, item and shading acknowledgment. AR influences the of key “grapple” items and focuses to acknowledgment inside a given space.

In the next few years, AR will be better integrated with technology, advertising will no doubt become more integrated into our daily lives. Advertising and marketing will utilize more real-time data based on user preference to dynamically affect messaging, colours, timing and placement.

Common usage of augmented reality will lead people to fully immersive virtual reality experiences. AR glasses powered by skylight to guide technicians identify and accurately connect hundreds of wires using only their sight and voice to control the app.

Mobile AR Disruption

The mystery weapon that will prompt AR’s blast is cell phones. AR’s capacity to be conveyed on cell phones or tablets makes it more available than VR, which requires headsets for use. The way that AR can be utilized on the gadgets that whole convey in our pockets each day makes appropriation less demanding, not so much scary, but rather more moderate. These days more application engineers are utilizing executing AR innovation to their applications and it has been an extremely fruitful innovation for cell phones applications an immense case of this is the Pokémon Go application amusement individuals truly like the way that they were are to get Pokémon out in the boulevards and parks of their city it made the cell phone user feel like they were in the chase for Pokémon’s.

AR – augmented reality has gone from dream to reality in just over a century. There are many AR applications in use or under development nowadays, although – the concept will only take off universally when UX/UI designers think about How to integrate AR with the daily life for the improvising efficiency of experiences.

Advantages of AR-Augmented Reality

3D overview of an object

Better and clear understanding of object with the personalized format.

A futuristic view for the industrial purpose. Before the production they can see the future of the product and visualize it.

Smart solution for every business. The innovation in the technology world will change the future strategy of Sales as well manufacturing.

VR – Virtual Reality

VR- Virtual Reality means experiencing object through the technology that doesn’t actually exist.

Although the VR industry is still in the valley currently, it is rising day by day. Virtual reality completely immerses you in virtual world. Using Virtual Reality Designer/Developer will be able to see the depth of project before even entering to the manufacturing phase.

VR enables users to get very close with virtual articles and furthermore move once more from them. Since the eye is truly adept at selecting profundity data, rendering of articles by originators should be practical and point by point. Sound and music are other imperative contemplations for VR creators. Use of augmented reality applications are regular today and can be found in each field of life.

VR will change the future not only by just changing view but will change the way to understand surrounding. The advancement of technology will give VR the chance to have a positive effect on humanity.

However, it is hard to say that which is mainstream AR/VR but looking towards How technology giants Facebook, Google, Amazon and intel investing on AR/VR they have clearly understood this is the future.

Virtual reality will definitely impact to the wide range of industries and mostly to the entertainment industries.

Advantages of VR-Virtual Reality

Can be done remotely saving time and money.

Entertainment Industries.

Advance education scenario through the VR.

The simulation of a real environment for training and education.

Computer generated reality benefits Healthcare industries by enabling experts to adapt new aptitudes, revive existing preparing in a protected domain.

The future is a Balanced Mix Between AI, AR, VR and MR