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Proven Ways to Boost Up User Engagement with Your Sports Betting App!!

Sports Betting App – Best Practices to Gear Up User Engagement Unveiled

The growth of fantasy sports betting users in the year 2017 was hardly 18-20%. But now it is expected that sports betting & sports app downloads will reach beyond 352.9 billion in 2019! Isn’t it amazing? Started as a fun game played among friends, the fantasy sports or sports betting industry has emerged as a billion-dollar business across the globe and it is still accelerating more ‘n’ more users each day!

Sports betting app development and fantasy sports have played a vital role in shaping the fans’ community and conversions over social media platforms. But how all such sports betting/gambling apps are buzzing around the world? What makes users to easily dive into the sports betting and how it is changing the perception of the users? Let’s try to find it out!


Push notifications for different offers…!

Be it a simple GIF, a picture, a video, or any other text message, push notifications serve a major role when it comes to building up the user engagement with the sport betting app development. Based on the interest of the user, they can decide on what type of push notification they would love to see. Starting from getting the latest score, stories, and watching big moments of their favorite sport, the users can get everything they want in real-time with push notifications.


Bringing second screen experience

Fantasy sports also enable broadcasters, teams, and leagues to track their user behavior as sports enthusiasts are always engaged with each and every moment on the ground. With the help of live fantasy sports betting, sports industry can generate a lot of revenue as fans playing games tend to stick to the match from start till end. Also, enables users to feel like they are controlling the way players are playing the game, which brings second screen experience for the fans!


Mobile ticketing

With the increase in the capabilities of sports betting app development, most of the sport gambling apps have partnered with online ticketing vendors. Based on the users’ history and playing interest, the app will notify the users about upcoming matches of their favorite sport and let them book tickets on the go from the app itself. This at the end makes the fans glued to the mobile app to get the latest information about their favorite games, events, and tickets.


Holding contests and sponsors

Many of the sport betting apps often launch different contests to increase user participation. It is a great way to increase user engagement and build up a follower base on different social media platforms. Starting from rolling out a discount on the food delivery, and cash prizes to gifts, sports apps can expand their reach and increase their fan following with the different contests and sponsors. DraftKings often display their contest sponsor names in the app.


Organizing Polls & Questions

FanDuel, a leading sports app, tried another way to increase user engagement by asking a user to answer the question. Of course, it is not a new way, but asking someone about their favorite sport, and that too check their prediction can surely excite the audience. Asking a question on a specific topic, or to conduct a poll to predict the winner of a team greatly increases the involvement of the target audience in the best possible way.


Bringing latest news feeds

Many new sports betting/gambling apps often associate with the different news sites to display the latest news feeds within an app itself. This greatly reduces the overhead of downloading an app to get the latest news from different sites. No matter what you want, you can search right away from the app itself. This is a great way to engage people who are interested to gather different information.

Aside from all these, one of the most popular fantasy sports apps is also leveraging from the GPS technology to track the user’s location and display relevant information to trigger the sports instinct. Moreover, it is also seen that many sports app are using 3-D graphics and images to be more interactive with the target audience. But one should also understand the basic ingredient of any successful sports app, and that is to identify the target audience and understand what they expect. What do you think is required to increase user engagement with the sports betting app? Hit the comments to share your views!

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