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Does your website reflect you and your business?

What is the mirror image?  A person or thing that closely resembles another.

The same thing goes for the website as well, website must be designed in such a way, that it should clearly reflect your business, convey the correct message to your customer. A website is such a pool of information where technology meets branding & user interface. Your website should portray your voice for your business, trustworthiness & expertise. If it’s not showing your best qualities, then it will clearly represent that you are attending job interviews in torn shirts & trousers with dirt on it. Nowadays, customers are very much thoughtful and mostly will judge about your business the way you have represented through the website because they follow the thumb role of WYSIWG i.e. “what you see is what get”.

With this article, let’s figure out, what are the best ways to represent your business through website and how this will impact your customers:


Look & Feel

The main agenda of this point is “let’s user feel that the site has a unique way of representation”. In earlier days, the user’s point of view towards the website is just an informative online web brochure, which displays less information about one’s businesses, which is now outdated. Today, websites become an online marketing tool sharing the detail information of one’s business and become a communication channel between customer and owner.

One should fully concentrate on the look & feel of the website such as the color concepts, placing of an element, visualization effects, etc, since you offer top quality services or products, your online branding needs to reflect your professional image. Your website’s brand personality won’t resonate unless it aligns with your business’s core messaging. If your business is related to social issues like legal, CA services, then it requires sober color and more information, not a quirky graphics and fluffy copywriting, but if your business is related fashion industry, where appealing is must, then color concept, the graphical presentation should be accordingly.


Clear message

Whenever you are placing the content on your website, make sure that people can easily understand the language of the website, they came to know what exactly you are offering. Using a high level of grammar and vocabulary will not leave much impact on the customer, the customer only wants to read the clear and correct message about your services. You should try to make sure that your site title and sub-heading accurately represent your services.

For example, if you have an eCommerce business and opening a sale in your company, then this must be highlighted on the front page of your website with a clear message such as discount percentage, sale end date, etc.



The proper flow of the website is a must. The foremost thing one should check that your web pages are properly organized or not. It is very important that the user should not get confused while navigating the website. You should use clear content, colors & labels in such a way so that navigation of web pages on the website will be flawless.


Target Audience

Before designing the website, one should have a clear idea of their target audience. For example, you are trying to target pregnant mothers to sell out pregnancy dresses, diet plans, milestone chart of babies (0-6 months), caring tips of babies, your online content, from blogging, videos, design, and overall voice and messaging, should align with that type of customer personality.


Is it mobile friendly?

Nowadays, mobile phones become a basic need of every person and they are spending almost 60% of their time on that, whether for business, for calls, video chats, games, shopping, online food ordering, etc. Keeping this thing in mind, one must have to take care of their website to be compatible on different phone devices. Focus on the user experience of your mobile site by ensuring its navigation is intuitive and friendly, your images and graphics load quickly, and your copy is easy to read.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos. Your website is your brand identity and an incredible opportunity to convey the messages of your business. Spend some time for identifying the core values of your business and how you want to be customer-centric.

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