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iBeacon App Development

iBeacon-With the less efforts more smartness

Bluetooth beacons are hardware transmitter. Beacon basically sends signals of Bluetooth at specific intervals. iBeacon is beacon technology that has been implemented into Apple’s iOS 7 and later versions of mobile operating system that allows iPhone and iPads to scan continuous for Bluetooth devices within range. Beacon works with the BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy part of Bluetooth 4.0. BLE is wireless personal network that allows user to send/receive data over short range of Distance. BLE is cheaper and also power consumption is less compare to classic Bluetooth.

iBeacon specification is controlled by the Apple. Thus it is compatible for both Android and iOS. Simple to implement.

iBeacon uses the BLE to communicate:  UUID, it is a 16-byte string used to differentiate a large group of related beacons. To maintain a network of beacons. When beacon is in the range that opens the more opportunity to interact with user

Increase business efficiency


Deeper awareness of customer behaviour


Location awareness

iBeacon just needs few days to setup. And can test on smaller scale to start with expanding on the go.

iBeacon hardware is less expensive and can both as receiver and transmitter. Bluetooth chips are embedded within device.

iBeacon cannot track your location as GPS application. iBeacon doesn’t need to continuous running in in background. And it will still work and trigger the activity.

iBeacon is useful for the retailer or any store, it will help the store owner to provide information when customer/users are near accessible point.

iBeacon improves smart home. Indoor location and intelligent control system can bring convenience to people in daily life.

Once iBeacon starts working, human requirement is not needed.

Marketing support: iBeacon can be useful for the marketing. Advertisement is main source of marketing iBeacon can useful for sending required marketing information to the related user.

Reduce manpower and investment on it. Costing is low as compared to other marketing method.

iBeacon can be used in airport, hospital, museums, shopping mall and can be used in restaurant, hotels and retails shops.

iBeacon can be useful for gathering information from user which can be stored and analyse and stored. It can be helpful for knowing more about user’s requirement

Feedback: customer’s feedback is most important for any business. iBeacon can useful for taking feedback from every customer. They can do this for you once the customer leaves your place. iBeacon app allows the user to leave their feedback accordingly.

iBeacon needs the application for the process, receive and to track anther beacon.

We assist our client to improve their business efficiency with the help of personalized iBeacon app for the particular business. At codebrik solutions, our technical team is here to improve and make your business digitally up to date. Our team is adept at combining latest iBeacon technologies with the experience. iBeacon apps made by codebrik solutions will add value to your business.