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Chatbot app development

Reason why having chatbot in your E-Commerce site has a Good impact…!!

What is chatbot?

Basically Chatbot is computer programme that understand the human conversation technique and work as an interactive agent which is available for conversation auditory or text method either way. Chatbot behaves exactly as like as human conversational partner.

About chatbot biggest misconception is that chatbot will replace human, take over services and automate everything. Chatbot can replace the massaging application and for now it will reduce human efforts.

Types of bots: AI based, Pre-Trained chatbot

Basic chatbot and another is advance which is AI based chatbot built with the AI (Artificial intelligence)

And Machine learning capabilities.

Pre-Trained chatbot– Trained chatbots respond to the question as per training dataset. Chatbots are smart as how you train them. Chatbot needs consistent evolution and improvisation.

AI-chatbot– AI based chatbot can answer themselves. AI chatbot has intelligence so they can learn from the conversations and handle any and every situation that comes its way. AI chatbot become smarter when they aware of user needs. Machine learning helps AI chatbots to learn from the conversation also for better performance it requires human supervision. Learning ability is the most important for the intelligent chatbot.

Intelligent chatbot are capable of making conversation with the user as in a way to how human interact

With each other. AI chatbot can include NLP- Natural Language Processing is the ability of computer program to understand human language as it is spoken.

Chatbot with NLP means getting in more touch with human.

Why chatbot?


Chatbot impact your e-commerce/ business site to marketing and customer service.


On-time customer support:

Chatbot, text base response to the customer for your business support. chatbot reduces the human requirement and available 24*7 client support. Chatbot is there for your business support when you need them and also they can be used as sales executive that replies to the customers most of question.

Improve customer Engagement:

Chatbot is available whenever your customer inquiries some service. They deliver service on customer demand and they are faster communicator then human. More response the customer that produce more satisfied client from the company’s end.

Chatbot helpful internally to help companies to communicate with the employees. Chatbot can help employees to figure out holidays, leaves and also company polices.

Interaction with the natural language: AI chatbots can communicate to the conversational partner in natural language with the help of Machine Learning.

Adoptable Behaviour:

Chatbots are capable of predicting behaviour of user so they can respond appropriately and it’ll increase the ratio of number of satisfied customer.

Marketing with quality response rate:

Chatbot opens new direction to the marketing.

Chatbots are capable of handling heavy volume of traffic without letting them wait.

Resource saver and time saver. No need to download new application for chatbot.

Chatbot can communicate same as human with the same consistency of response and don’t get frustrated.

Chatbot must be reported

Chatbot must be regularly tracked based on capability of retrieving relevant information

User experience

Innovative welcome message

Adding new things

Broadcasting new things

Broadcasting new offers according to trend.

Why to choose codebrik for your chatbot development …?

E-Commerce site or the business site that hasn’t included chat boat to their site, good to start with the codebrik solutions we are here for you and we provide the pre-trained chat bot for your E-Commerce site. AI-based chatbot by codebrik capable of the self-training with the help of Machine Learning they can run learn from the on-going conversation. They respond to every customer and learn from the user request. future of chatbot is bright with the codebrik.